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  • Dilmaran
    Word Salad December 15, · Hey, Word Salad fans, if you havent yet, check out Cobra vs. Mongoose my (Abe the drum player) new band, our first e.p. 66 guns just dropped like a lead balloon. you will be horrified! available now on your chosen innertube music servix, still trying to figure out how to sell hard copies to inter-friends.
  • Shasida
    Word Salad is a debut album by Fischer-Z. John Watts and Steve Skolnik formed the band in whilst at Brunel University. John Watts had been travelling up and down the country playing the club circuit. Fischer-Z was playing a crossover of the new wave, punk and reggae genres.
  • Kigalkree
    Aug 13,  · Heather Sellers The next key characteristic of schizophrenia was the tendency toward 'word salad.' There was an example, a rambling block quotation that strung together a grandmother's death, sunlight, dinner, and cats that didn't exist, interspersed with inappropriate laughter. Again not my mother. Again more like me. 'Word salad' was the exact name of a writing exercise I gave my .
  • Gakree
    AllMusic Review by Steve Huey Reviving the hyperspeed hardcore and thrash styles of yesteryear (i.e., the early to mid-'80s), Albuquerque's Word Salad turn in a promising debut effort with Deathmarch /
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