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  • Nekree
    Für Wumpscut-Fans interessant: Nach der massiven Kritik von Fans an dem allzu restriktiven Kopierschutz auf "Bone Peeler" dreht sich "Evoke" im CD-Player wie im Computer-Laufwerk. Trackliste 1.
  • Balkis
    Evoke: 5. Tomb: 6. Hold: 7. Krolok: 8. Breathe: 9. Rush: Perdition: Obsessió: BONUS DISCIPLE CD: 1. Churist Churist (Recently Deceased Remix) 2. Don't Go (Eighty 64C Short Cut Remix by Wumpscut) 3. Maiden (Nersoton Vs. Wumpscut Remix) 4. Rush (Naked Beat Remix) 5. Obsessió (Cerebral Apoplexy Remix) 6. Hold (Yendri Remix) 7. Maiden.
  • Kerr
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  • Shaktidal
    CDs + Vinyl: Aktor – Paranoia CD (Soulfood) New album from metaller Chris ‘The Professor’ Black (High Spirits, Dawnbringer). Aktor is more rooted in s hard rock, including keyboard sounds and hammond, than any other projects he has been involved in so far. Alborosie meets King Jammy – Dub Of Thrones CD (V.P.) Two dub [ ].
  • Yozshugor
    Dopo le perplessità suscitate dal precedente “Bone Peeler”, ecco l’atteso nuovo album di Wumpscut; “Evoke” conferma la svolta stilistica di Herr Ratzinger, il quale ha ormai placato la rabbia dei primi album ed anche in questo disco, predilige dedicarsi a sonorità piu’ tranquille, ma pur sempre immerse in un clima cupo che e’ il “trademark” di casa Wumpscut. Il ritmo non è.
  • Zuluzil
    1) Maiden 2) Churist Churist 3) Don't Go 4) Evoke 5) Tomb 6) Hold 7) Krolok 8) Breathe 9) Rush 10) Perdition 11) Obsessio 12) Churist Churist By Recently Deceased.
  • Tuzshura
    Buy album $ Wumpscut. $ I like. Tweet; Please vote. Add to bookmarks Evoke Wumpscut; Body Census Wumpscut; Fuckit (Limited Edition Blondi (Single) Wumpscut; Boeses Junges Fleisch Wumpscut; Bunker Gate Seven Wumpscut; Dwarf Craving (Limited Edition) CD1 Wumpscut; Evoke (Cd 1) Wumpscut; DJ Dwarf One Wumpscut; Full list.
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