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  • Mazuzahn
    A new way to dig vinyl records # News. 10/04/ Dear friends, Our aim is not to put words on something that can only be felt, we want to share with you information that can offer you new listening perspectives. By giving a voice to the artists, interviewing them, or giving you insights about particular projects, we hope we will be able.
  • Zulucage
    Dec 09,  · Transfer paper it is so you don’t have to take off one letter at a time. You put the transfer paper (it’s like tape) over the cut letters, rub over the top and then lift the transfer paper off. The letters will stick to the transfer paper and then you can place it where you want it. It will keep your letters in a straight line and evenly.
  • Mir
    It features built-in phono equalisation, for example, so you can feed the turntable’s output straight into the computer without needing a phono stage in the signal path. There are also powerful editing functions to help optimise the recording. It’s great, but the downside is a price of around £ – although a free day trial offer is.
  • Taunos
    A vinyl record doesn’t hold a lot of music. You may need to cut songs from your CD to fit the constraints of the vinyl. A inch 33 1/3 rpm record holds only about 18 minutes per side and a 7-inch 45 rpm record holds about 4 1/2 minutes per side. You may lose some fidelity.
  • Macage
    Apr 13,  · If you already have an integrated amp or A/V receiver, see if it has a phono input, or that the record player you choose has a phono pre-amp built in. Newer stereo receivers like the excellent.
  • Daikus
    If your post is removed you can still add a + character comment with the description and it will be approved automatically. A list of album titles is not an adequate description. No meme or rage comic image posts. Feel free to post them in the comments. Posts specifically intending to buy, sell, or trade vinyl or stereo equipment are not.
  • Voodoom
    The most common application that still requires a cast vinyl is a vehicle wrap. When wrapping a vehicle with compound curves, you should always use cast vinyl. For anything else, you can safely use cast or calendered, depending on your budget, color requirements, or personal preference. To help you make the right choice for a particular job.
  • Arashir
    The Basics of Vinyl. I’m sure you’ve read the Time Magazine article about the resurgence of vinyl or possibly perused the Billboard cover story on the marriage of vinyl and digital. It’s true, vinyl is back not that it ever went anywhere, but in a time when physical music sales are shrinking, vinyl is experiencing a real period of growth.
  • Zusho
    If you can get the rights to do a release, you should also be able to get analogue master tapes (or digital files at 24/96 or higher definition) for the vinyl mastering lab to use. Ben Liebrand was able to get original masters for many tracks on the Ben Liebrand - Grand Inches series of compilations.
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