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  • Fekree
    Jan 07,  · Put your chainsaw in a secure position on a stable workbench. Place the saw with the base flat against the table and ensure that the chain is not touching anything. You want the chainsaw to move as little as possible when working on it. If you are cleaning an electric chainsaw be sure to disconnect it from any power source first.
  • Mazugore
    Jul 15,  · Poulan Chainsaw running to fast I have a small Poulan chainsaw that is at least 20 years old, but not used much. [high test with right amount of oil in it mixed good,,,so,,you got to eliminate problems,than,you take it to a chainsaw repair type place and say,did,this,did that,whats the problem,[if you can get anybody to work on it that is].
  • Dalkree
    Now all of us here at Indy Mogul know that your new arm is not only exceptionally cool, but completely fake. But, other people will not know that. So, if you go running around the street waving around a chainsaw arm, your probably going to get hurt, or injure someone else. .
  • Zulusar
    How To: Use a Chainsaw This tool is famously fast and forceful, but extreme power requires extreme care. Stick to these safety guidelines, and follow our smart usage tips to stay injury-free.
  • Kaziramar
    Step 1 - Secure Your Chainsaw. First, place your chainsaw on a flat surface with ample room around your chainsaw so it’s not touching anything else. Disconnect the chainsaw from all power sources. Step 2 - Remove the Chain. Adjust the knob that controls the slack of the chainsaw’s chain so the chain loosens enough to be taken off its guide.
  • Mikagal
    1. Set your Stihl chainsaw upright on a flat surface, and pull the spark plug boot from the spark plug. Remove the spark plug from its socket by using a spark plug wrench.
  • Dataur
    Oct 12,  · But the real Slim Shady is just imitating—the chain is left off. Canadian Ian Stewart breaks the Guinness World Record when he makes 94 catches while juggling three running chain saws.
  • Mooguhn
    ing safe use of your chainsaw. Please note that the illustrations on page 2 show the chainsaw STIHL Other chainsaw models may have different parts and controls. You should therefore always refer to the Owner’s Manual of your particular saw model. Warning! Because a chainsaw is a high-speed wood-cutting tool, some special safety.
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