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  • Mauzahn
    ATGrains Poems and Rants. By ATGrain. Oshane will be reading original poems written by him or by other poets and writers he comes across. As well rant on the things that just comes along the way. It’ll be filled with knowledge and humor. Come laugh and learn.
  • Kazigor
    I dont claim to have any profound answers or life changing insights; Ill leave that to others. But I do believe that we need to make an effort to be more present, particularly now when we are bec.
  • Tashicage
    Poems & Rants & Quotes Humor. These are some of my current thoughts. I like to write little things and some times rant about what is wrong in the world. Or when someone makes me mad. So these are a collection of rants, poems and quotes that I would love to explain. Let me know #explanations #life #opinion #poems #quotes #rants #truth.
  • Gardall
    Poems/Rants Random. This is just me coping with things that have happened. It's mostly just for me and a personal thing, but I wanted to post it so yeah. #angry #anorexia #breakups #depression #eatingdisorders #poems #poetry #rants #sad.
  • Tojalar
    Jul 27,  · Rant poems, like prose, contain sentences and sentence fragments. Make sure each complaint flows to the next logically, like sentences do in paragraphs. Step 6 Break the lines of your poem where it feels appropriate. Prose poems like the rant don't need dramatic line breaks, as they read almost like a short story. Step 7.
  • Grokinos
    Rants continued Since we are into ranting and Racheal didn't Read my poem properly I will still ask the question why queers find The need to dress up like whores and to parade Though the streets On asks: where is the pride in this? Every middle-class newspaper .
  • Tunos
    Mar 02,  · Some will be poems and some will be rants, which is basically a chapter where I vent out my opinion on a certain subject. You don't have to read this, but it would mean a lot to me if you did. Published February 7, · updated March 2, 15 pages · 1, reads.
  • Mezicage
    Jan 23,  · But for some reason, poems that rant and rave work exceptionally well in performance poetry. These pieces have luster on the page, but they explode when read aloud, so I recommend working on a poem that is meant to be performed. There is a list of links to some excellent recordings of performance poetry at the end of this post.
  • Moshakar
    About This website you see before you is but a medium for my manifestations in which I call 'shorthand rants.' These rants are adversarial poems in a minimalist style and are unapologetically inspired by vital existence, Satanism, seidr, occultism, misanthropy, cynicism, anarchy, Nihilism, assholery, and generally hellbound shit. Published Work Creative Quill Vol.6 Wait.
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